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Benefit from a world of data. With a Premium membership, you will have access to Fermalytics Global Database.
Support Fermalytics with a Premium Membership and get access to the crowdsourced data. Your subscription will empower you to compare processes, discover new trends, and support The Fermenters' community.
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Why Fermalytics
Fermalytics is a free service that will be the database of your successful and not-so-successful fermented makes. The idea is to not only provide a source for personal data entry, but also a means for personal insight extraction.
The accompanying app provides for real-time data entry as your make-day progresses, while the site allows for post-production review.
The user-friendly interface allows you to review previous, personal makes, filtered by category as well as what the community has also deemed as successful within that category. This data aggregation and display provides the means for the additional insights needed to hone the process for your best output. The data literally provides you the means to deviate.
Fermalytics will assemble the data and perform machine learning techniques that will enable greater understanding of critical points in the process. Users will have access to this summarized data when creating new recipes and when refining their current practices. As a consequence, you will also have a handy personal database of all of your makes, on which you may also perform detailed analyses.
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About fermalitics
About Fermalytics
Fermalytics, or fermentation analytics, combines big data and crowdsourcing. Science continues to open up more insights into the fermentation process. Math, namely statistics, will continue to fill in gaps where research way not yet exist; accumulated data leading to theories to be test.
Fermalytics originated as a way to better understand the Gouda process. Individual makes tended to vary too much in quality, flavor, and paste consistency (i.e., ability to slice).
There was a clear need to see the individual trials overlaid in a way that would allow for analysis of the critical points.
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With a Premium membership, you will have access to Fermalytics Global Database, where you will be able to explore summarized data to aid in your next batch.